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DIS – RUPT (dĭs-rŭpt′) — To break apart or alter
so as to prevent normal or expected functioning.

Very little if anything happens in our own development and growth unless an old pattern is disrupted. Sometimes disruptions are unavoidable and stressful. Other times, we actually plan them. Vacations, retreats and workshops come to mind. ESPÍRITU offers a selection of programs limited only by your imagination. Any individual or small group can work with us to design a program, a pleasurable disruption, that will leave you excited, enthused and ready for the next step in your journey.

Urban Youth Leaders

Close Encounters with Horses & the Natural World

Have you ever felt like you just needed to get out of where you are, take a group of young people with you and taste a very different, more liberating way of living? Technology and digitally connecting with others unite us in ways that are different than before. Twenty-four hour news coverage bombards us even when we think we’re immune. The increase in the pace and complexity of life as well as the rise in spontaneous and unpredictable violence can fragment our lives, and make the challenge of growing to adulthood a very risky and uncertain proposition.

Dan consults with the faculty leadership team of Equality Charter School in the Bronx and volunteers at Tenor High School, an urban high school in Milwaukee. One essential ingredient missing for many of our young people is exposure to the natural world. One encounter with horses in an idyllic, natural setting can dramatically affect the quality of both your own relationships and those of your youth group going forward. What horses offer is unconditional acceptance of who we are. What they want and respond to is our unconditional openness to and acceptance of what they are. One taste of this exchange can change everything! For everyone.

As someone working with young people, you have probably seen how children come into the world as little bundles of curiosity and wonder; everything is new and everything new awakens excitement and awe. Then, something sad happens to much of this curiosity: it disappears or gets tampered with and distorted into something else. And, if you work with young people you also know there is a brilliant light in the center of their heart; it is time to awaken it and bring it more fully into their life. Horses open up doorways to our original curiosity and light, extraordinary human gifts with which we came into life. Now is your time to taste these in yourself and in those you serve!

Available in half-day to one day packages. No prior experience with horses is required.

For those who are passionate about young people, you’ll leave with …

  • A fun and exciting day with horses and your young friends in a safe setting
  • Ways of modulating or playing with your own energy, gaining flexibility and awareness
  • First-hand experience seeing what positive encounters with horses does to your relationships with your group and with their relationships with each other
  • Different ways of connecting to and building trust with horses
  • A renewed sense of what’s possible for you now and with your youth group
  • A day of wonder as you and your young people step outside normal life and taste a different, more refreshing way to live now

Inspire your group to step outside normal life and taste a different, more refreshing way to live.

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The Leadership Circle 360

Combining Deep Development with Equine Partnership

We use the TLC 360 with many of our clients and the TLC Collective Leadership Assessment with leaders who want to consciously create a leadership culture in their organizations. These instruments are simply the most powerful leadership assessment instruments available today. Many clients take the assessment prior to working with horses as a way to pinpoint those developmental areas they then wish to explore with our horse partners. Issues of power and control, reactive patterns of protecting our heart and vulnerabilities, finding and standing in our authentic voice as well as deepening our leadership presence and impact are the kinds of topics this assessment uncovers that horses are able to help with. We highly recommended this.

Move towards the kind of leader you aspire to be.

The 360 assessment offers you …

  • An accurate and potentially transforming ‘snapshot’ of your current leadership style and the impact you have on others
  • Ways to immediately begin moving towards the kind of leader you aspire to be
  • An introduction to a spiritually holistic model of leadership that celebrates and makes space for all of who you are — your hopes, dreams, and longings as well as your doubts, fears and insecurities. Welcome to the club of real people
  • A view of yourself that you may never have seen before and assistance forging a way forward that builds on your natural strengths and capabilities.